we have operated, managed, supervised, implemented and maintained for wide scopes of contracts for both international and local sectors including government bodies with multi skilled and experienced staff since 2012

JUDAYE Company

JUDAYE company is one of the leading private companies in Kurdistan region, Iraq, providing various oil and gas services and premium quality products to the Iraqi infrastructure in several areas of development industries. We have been providing superior service to our clients, putting safety first, creating opportunities for our people and to local communities, delivering exceptional work, fostering innovation, acting with integrity, and strengthening our communities. These beliefs tie us as one company, and guide every aspect of our business that gives clearer understanding of our client’s needs and being as a reliable service provider by its commitment to excellence, integrity and teamwork as well as building a long-term relationship with our clients to achieve their business and market competition objectives.

About Company

Our Experience

Based on our history experience at JUDAYE, we have operated, managed, supervised, implemented and maintained for wide scopes of contracts for both international and local sectors including government bodies with multi skilled and experienced staff since 2012, JUDAYE is proud of participating the ‘Rebuild Iraq Project’ by providing construction equipment, industrial services, supply goods and in addition to all other requirement work site spare parts tools. We have been dealing with several clients to the capacity of business industry with main contractor, joint-venture partner projects, sub-contractors and other company service providers.


JUDAYE Co is committed to providing high-quality services, most technology tools, and products and always improving the skills and capabilities of our staff. We are doing our work exclusively for each different project.


Through our daily worksite solutions, we deliver an ultimate value to our clients. We always strive for inspired work environments where everyone does his best to improve the work practices to continually improve


JUDAYE CO is committed to sustaining a safe and healthy environment in all projects to our staff and the community members alike. Our priority at work site is keeping people safe from harm and providing a healthy work environment.


HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) is a set of processes and procedures identifying potential hazards to a certain environment, developing best practices to reduce or remove those hazards, and then training employees for accident prevention, accident response, etc.

Health, safety and environment are considered a top priority due to their significance in safeguarding human lives and properties, especially in high-risk industrial sectors. These industries are afflicted by workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities because of unsafe work environments. It is important to establish and execute an effective workplace health and safety management system to avoid the risks of irreversible accidents.

Safety management by recognizing the hazard
The initial step to prevent accidents is the identification of hazards. The HSE safety performance improvement requires the implementation of proactive worker hazard identification and prevention programs. The risk associated with hazardous conditions or situations in a work environment can only be analyzed for accident prevention if the related hazards can be properly recognized or identified. To identify hazardous situations and conditions, details from HSE safety incident data can be analyzed to identify predictor variables of future incidents in manufacturing environments.

At JUDAYE CO, we believe that providing Health, safety and environment training or information helps to:


JUDAYE Logistics

With JUDAYE Logistics, you are always guaranteed an efficient and cost-effective solution to moving your goods around the country or outside.

Engines Maintenance Service

JUDAYE is proud to have its maintenance specialized team for 24/7 for available facility. JUDAYE provides mechanical services from a simple filter change to complete rebuild and overhaul of diesel engines of all kind of generators, forklifts, compressors and construction equipment.

OIL & Gas Equipment

JUDAYE Oilfield Supply department is the main the supply of oilfield equipment and service solutions to the international oil and gas industry in Kurdistan region. JUDAYE’s custom solutions are aimed at helping Customers get the best from their well activities.

Fuel Transport Supply

We proudly run a multi-state network of fuel transportation and logistics services composed of both company-owned transports and trusted partner carriers in Kurdistan to provide gasoline, diesel fuel, propane delivery needs reliable and safely 24/7 to mobilize with large size of trucks to deliver to any location.

warehousing & Shelfing System

With JUAYE’s flexible warehouse solutions, you will benefit from modern and secured storage facilities worldwide, indoor as well as outdoor. Our highly qualified staff can handle all types of cargo, and modern equipment ensures safe handling of your goods.

Procurement Services

Procurement services by JUDAYE within the Oil & Gas sector has always been a fully embraced and embedded in the Kurdistan region to ensure the correct procurement reviews take place based on the whole life analysis of the asset or new capital equipment requirements. 

Catering Services

JUDAYE Catering Services is the most complete caterer, offering a wide array of services in Kurdistan region as JUDAYE has been starting investing in it. We provide of having a reliable catering services with hygienic facilities is our goal.


At JUAYE, we have all the services to treat your clothes with all its very requirements. We would like to ensure that different materials have different properties. We make certain every piece of clothes in our laundry will be checked before and after the service. 


JUDAYE Housekeeping as a premier housekeeping service for companies and even families in KURDISTAN is the market leader in recruitment and placement of full-time cleaning staff

Camp Providing Service

as a provider of remote site catering, management and support services, JUDAYE camp services is experienced about delivering quality services to the oil and gas, construction and civil industries in Kurdistan region and remote locations across Iraq. 

Renting heavy Equipment

Looking for heavy equipment rental in Kurdistan region? JUDAYE Equipment Rental provides a wide range of excellent quality, reliable and efficient equipment on rent to get your work done.

Waste Management

At JUDAYE, we provide end-to-end waste management services based on the principles of circular economy. We handle waste sustainably & responsibly for MNCs, tech parks, residential communities and other bulk generating organizations and institutions.

Crude Oil Storage Tank Cleaning

According to standard data cleaning for Crude oil sludge that consists of 67% Oil, 25% Solids, and 8% Water. This thick substance collects at the bottom of oil tanks in refineries and tank farms, and causes several issues, including discharge line blockages and reduced storage capacity.

Sandblasting & Painting Services

We offer our clients a choice of services that include general blasting, soda blasting, micro-blasting, galvanizing, powder coating, liquid painting and fire intumescent painting

Fire Fighting Services

JUDAYE Safety Services team provides integrated firefighting and rescue services for the oil & gas, aviation, petrochemical, metals and other high hazard industries on a global basis. Round the clock on-site emergency response teams staffed by full-time professionals are the ideal investment to protect people and assets at risk.