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Procurement services by JUDAYE within the Oil & Gas sector has always been a fully embraced and embedded in the Kurdistan region to ensure the correct procurement reviews take place based on the whole life analysis of the asset or new capital equipment requirements. 
With over 20 years Oil and Gas JUDAYE procurement expertise within the team, JUDAYEs are the safe pair of hands to strategically procure the largest projects requirements and we are able to satisfy our clients with a unique support for the activities we are handling now. Our financial records show a trade level of millions worth contracts along several years of international trading. We are confident that we can support the major activities of the Oil and Gas industry; we are able to provide/supply goods and deliver to any location within Kurdistan region

JUDAYE Procurement professionals to support your projects specific procurement activities.

To fully represent the client in all matters concerning Procurement and Strategic Supply Chain activities typically identified below:

· Understand and identify client’s key strategic requirements.

· Develop project specific procurement strategies and vendor engagement plans. 

· Develop and manage project procurement schedule. 

· The management of the invitation to tender process. Including all analysis, reviews, clarifications, discussions through recommendation and placement. 

· Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and category management support. 

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