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as a provider of remote site catering, management and support services, JUDAYE camp services is experienced about delivering quality services to the oil and gas, construction and civil industries in Kurdistan region and remote locations across Iraq.

With our long journey of providing camp services for many international companies , JUDAYE Company has been awarded with an expanded network of clients and suppliers on a global scale which ensures that providing a good quality camp construction according to the request of clients based on our long relations to the local market and influence in different aspects of business sectors, made us more  confident that we can deliver the best and most reliable solutions for steel containers converted to living and office spaces and other life support facilities. As a matter of quality, we ensure that we deliver the best quality available in Kurdistan, we strictly follow certain procedure plan to meet our clients’ expectations.

Our corporate teams are all driven with the motivation to produce outcomes that reward the project timelines, improve efficiencies and deliver results.

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Iraq, Erbil

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