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JUDAYE Catering Services is the most complete caterer, offering a wide array of services in Kurdistan region as JUDAYE has been starting investing in it. We provide of having a reliable catering services with hygienic facilities is our goal.

JUDAYE has been one among the leaders in the Catering with a strong commitment to deliver quality services to our customers. The health orient food service concern, successfully catering system.  

Our main objectives are:

  • To deliver catering services, that has not been experienced in the industry at affordable rates.
  • To spread our nature of hospitality to the hospitality and event management industry.
  • To adapt and reinvent catering service and training and be remembered with pride ten years from now.

 JUDAYE COMPANY’s core values ensure that we respect the responsibilities, no matter where we are or what we are doing. Together with our Code of Business Conduct, these shared values inspire us to be an ever‐better employer, business partner, and financial investment actor

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Iraq, Erbil

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