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JUDAYE Safety Services team provides integrated firefighting and rescue services for the oil & gas, aviation, petrochemical, metals and other high hazard industries on a global basis. Round the clock on-site emergency response teams staffed by full-time professionals are the ideal investment to protect people and assets at risk.

We work closely with our clients to deliver tailor-made services to suit their specific operational needs. Whether called upon to provide specialist emergency management personnel or a full turnkey solution including response bases, equipment and vehicles, we ensure our clients are prepared for all eventualities and are able to respond swiftly and effectively whenever emergencies occur.

We provide a suite of integrated firefighting and rescue services including:

  1. Fire Alarm System
  2. Provision of all types of fire extinguishers
    3. Provision of all types of fire detection and prevention systems
    4. Fire response
    5. Maintenance and inspection of fire systems
    6. Provision of SCBA, EEBD, life rafts, life jackets
    7. Provisions of hydro test/gauging of fire hoses, cylinders
    8. Facility fire prevention and safety audits

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